STD Testing: Adult Communities Filled with STDs

For the every day person, STD testing is the last thing on your mind. Yet, we all are aware of the major STDs. Things is, many of us are quite lax when it comes to prevention. All sexual activities, I repeat all, have a a risk. So why is that there’s a huge rise in STDs among men and women over 40?

STD Testing:

I was in Florida recently and spoke with a couple men that live in an active adult community. For those not familiar with this, it’s a community of homes where the owners are 55 years and older, and prefer to live a active lifestyle (golf, social, etc). After speaking with these men and women, I came to learn about a phenomenon that had me asking 101 questions. The amount of STDs in an adult community are higher than you’d expect!

Wait, what?

Let’s look at this closer. There are many single, divorced, or widowed individuals that live in these adult communities. As we learn, age doesn’t dictate our sex drive. Thing is, these older individuals don’t use the same protective measures. They believe in the “old days” where such things weren’t necessary. As a result, you are seeing a widespread non spoken about rise in STDs.

For some of us, we chuckle at the idea. It’s a real problem. You naturally think that these older men and women are just passing STDs within their own community – this is not entirely true. Younger women always love older men with money. Younger men enjoy the company of older woman. So the STD risk is very real.

Every sexually active individuals, even ones that are married and in relationships, should get STD tested. If you prefer to not do this through insurance, there are provides such as STD Check that will provide the service for you 100% discreet and anonymously – all without your medical insurance or partner knowing.

Has Tinder Simply Taken Over?

There was a time, not so long ago, when online dating was taboo. This was about 15 years ago. Fast forward to today, online dating has progressed to the forefront of society. Furthermore, dating apps are all the rage. Case in point, the explosive growth of Tinder.

Tinder is simply the largest dating app focused on men and and women looking to hook up. A rather natural primal desire, that most doing a horrible job of keeping it in check. With the growth of Tinder, which is owned by ironically, there’s a rather unique culture brewing in the dating world – niches.

If you look at dating as a whole, there are a multitude of reasons why people date. Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on your perspective, the two people on a date are not on the same page. What we’re seeing occurring is the growth of online dating niches. For instance, are you interested in having an affair. Ashley Madison.

The discouraging part about Tinder are those men and women looking to start dating again (divorced, out of a long term relationship, etc). Since you’ve been out of dating so long, you would think that eHarmony is your only option. Then you start talking to some friends and start reading some articles, to find out that everyone is talking about Tinder. You join to only feel discouraged even more so in the online dating world.

Ask yourself what are you truly looking for? There’s no wrong answer here and absolutely no one can tell you the correct one. After you have this narrowed down, focus on dating sites and dating apps that cater specifically to what you’re looking for.

How to Get a Date on Valentine’s Day

Let’s face it, Valentine’s Day is a consumer holiday. You are being forced to believe that you need to take your partner out to dinner on this day. Additionally, you’re forced to go to a high- end restaurant and eat lower quality pre-fixed menu food. Now if you’re single, it’s even worse. How can you not have a date for Valentine’s Day. Really? That’s still a thing? Before you answer the question of how to get a date on Valentine’s Day, read this.

How to Get a Date on Valentine’s Day

To top that all off, you have more and more romantic movies on. The mix plays a toll on your mental state. So what are you to do? For those seasoned vets out there, they will tell you to do absolutely nothing.

That restaurant that’s packed on Valentine’s Day, go the weekend after (less people, higher quality food). Want to ask someone out for a first date. Wait til after Valentine’s Day.

For you married folks, this one is a bit more involved. The longer you’re married, the less inclined you’re going anywhere on this date. Even if the marriage is on the rocks, going out on this day will make it worse. The added pressure, the high volume of people, just not the best move for a relationship at this time.

Did you know the discreet dating site of Ashley Madison promotes the day before Valentine’s Day as Mistress Day. Your first reaction is to make that “ugh” face. After that passes, take a look at why that’s even possible. If you’re in a relationship that you’re on the fence about, for whatever reason, the day before Valentine’s Day you tend to spend with someone other than your partner. Whether it’s a friend or mistress is irrelevant, it’s just the toll Valentine’s Day plays on your brain is incredibly unnecessary.

How Do I Date Again After a Long Term Relationship

So here you are. Time has pass from your last truly meaningful relationship. The affects of that relationship was quite heart breaking and you’re looking to get back into the swing of things. It’s normal to feel that your life has been turned upside down. You might have spiraled into a depression that you don’t like to discuss. You ultimately find yourself asking: how do I date again after a long term relationship. For many, this is quite the daunting task. Issue number one, this should NOT be a TASK! Don’t feel the need to jump back into dating if you’re not ready for it yet. Let’s dive deeper.

How Do I Date Again After a Long Term Relationship

After a period of time, you will have that feeling of wanting to date again. It won’t be easy. Do you want something serious, something casual. Do you want to be with as many partners as possible? There’s no wrong answer here as you’re adjusting to life after your last relationship.

The first thing to do is to talk it out. Do so with someone close to you, one in which who won’t pass judgement of you. Could be a friend, a family member, or even a professional. Again, don’t for a second feel you’re less of a woman/man for doing so. By hearing yourself speak out loud, you’ll evolve and see what you’re truly looking for.

You’ll hear so-called advice from all over. Most of which are people sharing what happened with them and instilling it in you. Not exactly what you’re after. You need to be the one doing most of the talking. Ultimately, you’ll see yourself going down a certain path of thinking.

Whether this way of thinking is short-term or long-term, it’s what your present state of mind is. As you reach towards deciding on how to date again, always remember that there’s no wrong answer, as long as the decision is made by you and only you.

Finding someone to meet can be tough as well. Friends and family members will try and set you up with so and so. Personally, I’ve never found this to work. You’re now crossing worlds that might be impossible to ever uncross.

At time like these, I always recommend to take a look at dating sites. There are so many niche dating sites out there, you’ll be able to focus on the type of site the suites your needs. After all, the chances of you going onto a site for those seeking marriages at this time is very low!

How Do I Date a Rich Man

Most women do not look at  man’s wealth to determine if he’s a suitable partner, at least not openly! A man’s success, or his chances of being successful, is quite an important factor when it comes to relationships. Sure, short-term (aka casual) relationships has no bearing, but long-term, without question. So how does a woman, regardless of age, answer the question of how do I date a rich man? Let’s dive deeper.

How Do I Date a Rich Man

First off, there are various levels of rich. The top 1%, as often coined by politics & society, has an enormous range. Whether you fly first class, fly private, or own your own planes, all encompass the top 1%. They are rich in their own right, but each level of wealth comes with a different way to date a rich man.

A successful down to earth man is catered to one way, while an ultra wealthy type A personality CEO is another. Take a look at his lifestyle, really take a look. Don’t simply look at what he wants you to see, take a look underneath the surface.

Additionally, truly ask yourself what are the finer things in life you’re looking for? Being associated to ultra wealth might have its perks, there are several downsides. Are you truly ok with those downsides? Don’t be blinded by the fancy things, take a look what’s under the surface in that relationship.

From this end, being able to date a rich man involves a certain ability of truth. Is that the type of life you really want? For most, it actually is not. You want to enjoy the finer things, but you don’t want it to overtake your life. In other words, you don’t want to be a gold digger with a closer relationship to his bank accounts than him. Then again, maybe you do. If that is your case, then be sure to draw in the men that need that type A personality arm candy.

How Do I Date Again – Top 3 Ways in 2016

Are you finding yourself asking “How do I date again”? Starting to date again can be tough. Depending on how long you’ve been out of the dating world, it can be quite the daunting task to get back out there again. Think about it this way, how you met your partner might not be a proper way this time around. Your circle of friends might be different, or non-existent all together. Speaking of which, don’t feel awkward reaching out to those same friends you “didn’t have time for” when you were in a committed relationship. They will understand – believe me! So the question remains, how do I date again after all that time?

Top 3 ways on how do I date again.

  1. Take a good look at yourself and truly ask what you’re looking for. Don’t ask a friend or family member what you “should” be looking for. Actually ask yourself that question. Absolutely nothing is off limits here. There is no status quo of what is right or wrong here. Perhaps you want to be alone, or perhaps you want to have as many partners as humanly possible in one weekend. It’s 2016, no one can judge you other than yourself. Since we are our worst critic, let yourself loose a bit.
  2. Not all relationships are created equal. If you look at all the relationships in your life, they spanned a specific time frame. Whether it was short or long, it ran its course for one reason or another. That doesn’t make one relationship better than another. It simply means that life brought you into a different direction. Don’t let this be your hold back on how do I date again.
  3. Dating is constantly evolving. Sure, the divorce rate keeps climbing. Sometimes, just sometimes, what you’re really looking for is a discreet relationship. A relationship where both parties are looking for something specific. These discreet encounters have been growing in the media for various reasons. After all, the media loves anything that can have a salacious factor to it.  All the meanwhile, leaving all that nonsense that ultimately kills relationships behind. Sites such as Ashley Madison caters to this sort of thing.

I know what you’re thinking, I’m not a sugar daddy / sugar baby. I just can’t figure out how to date again. Well, who says you have to label it as a date? Why can’t it be two people exchanging what they’re truly looking for. You’d be incredibly surprised in one’s reaction when you are completely upfront. You’ll be dating in a way that you never thought possible in 2016